Education, finances, life experiences - you do everything you can to plan out the best for your children’s future.

But have you put enough thought into what will happen if the entire system fails?

Our day-to-day lives are full of unsustainable trends that act as potential threats to our future. Climate change, political instability, economic crashes, global epidemics all happened just in 2020. 


It’s not enough to give your children the best start in life anymore. You need to have a plan in place so you can protect them no matter what may happen. The future is uncertain, but there’s still time to acquire peace of mind for your family. 

Protect your future at Merriwood Sustainable Community

Climate change is exacerbating an already tenuous global system.

Are you actually prepared for the catastrophic results this could cause in the future?

Climate change isn’t just about rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and wildfires.

The global economy and food security are also at risk. 

The last six years are the hottest six years on record. In 2020 alone there were record numbers of wildfires, storms, and diseases. Even with the world on lockdown due to COVID-19, greenhouse gas emissions continued to rise. To top it all off, Governments worldwide are showing no sign of stepping up to the historic challenge of protecting us from the impending crisis of climate change, and other unsustainable trends. 

Unsustainable, Unhealthy, Unethical, Unstable

The agricultural and food system we rely on it is close to breaking down, with catastrophic results

The threat of new food supplies not arriving for weeks or even years during a global event a very real, and terrifying reality. Our food system is heavily dependent on the global logistics of transporting equipment, supplies, chemicals, and food across vast distances. Years of conventional farming has caused low crop yields, nutrient pollution, and dead soil zones. Imagine the detrimental effects a major system breakdown would have on food supplies.

The fight against climate change is growing

Yet greenhouse gas emissions, waste production, social inequities all continue to grow.

Support for addressing unsustainable trends is at an all-time high. The tide is turning, but it simply isn’t turning fast enough. We are at a global crossroads. There is no longer any reason to assume that everything will work out, or that this is just a rough patch. Now is the time to put a plan in place that will truly protect you and your family - no matter what may happen!  

Protect your family and act now.

Merriwood Sustainable Community - your metaphorical Insurance Policy

A rare opportunity for those with a clear vision, and the means to act on it.

The future is undoubtedly uncertain, however, with Merriwood Sustainable Community you can acquire peace of mind for your family. Merriwood is a place that will make an active contribution to fighting climate change and model sustainable living. 


With its working farm, onsite renewable energy, and many other sustainability features - Merriwood enables its members to survive and thrive! No matter what may happen in the future. 

Merriwood is there for you in both the good and challenging times

No matter what is happening in the outside world, at Merriwood it’s evening drinks at the lodge and farm-to-table food every day. 

For now, life at Merriwood is about creating beautiful family memories. Morning coffee by a misty lake, freshly prepared farm to table meals, exciting wilderness excursions, and cozy bonfires with loved ones and neighbors. 

In the potentially challenging future, Merriwood’s self-supporting assets are there to provide your family with the means to survive. Whether it be riding out rough patches in comfort and style, or going fully off-grid. 

Discover more about life at Merriwood

It’s time to put the future of your family first  

Protect your children, and give them the future you’re dreaming of, at Merriwood

We all have an obligation to humanity to do what we can to put the world back on to a sustainable course. We also have an obligation to do what we can to protect those we love most. Merriwood is a truly unique community that brings both of these values together, in a welcoming and vibrant community! 

With only 44 homes available to the public, there isn’t time to waste. 

Reserve your spot today.