Tree Branch in the Snow


Let’s face it, the world is a crazy place. Many of us are concerned about climate change, unsustainable food systems, toxins in the environment, global and political instability, and a host of other issues. Among these issues, a common thread is our reliance on an increasingly fragile global economy for the things we need. 


Resiliency is the property of being able to survive and thrive in the face of sudden changes and difficulties. And the first step to becoming resilient is to bring the things we need to thrive into our own community and under our direct control. 


One of the features of the community is that the founders and design team will have thought through many future scenarios and built a solid foundation to enable the community to thrive. As part of our due diligence, we will have professionally investigated the site of the community thoroughly and looked at issues such as sea-level rise, projected precipitation, access to drinking water, temperature, previous uses of the land, and the agricultural potential of the land.


Initially, the community will be equipped with a number of features designed to enable the residents to prosper in scenarios where the global economy flounders. The farm will have livestock and an agricultural operation based on the principles of permaculture, with the capacity to meet our food needs. The community will provide options for emergency food storage. Medical capacity will include stores of needed supplies and equipment. The 650 acres of forest will be managed to provide food and timber as needed. The community will have a power plan to meet all of our needs, and each home will have rooftop solar that is net-metered with the grid, and with the ability for off-grid islanding and battery storage.


Merriwood doesn’t have ALL the answers today for every future scenario. Perhaps our greatest asset will be the fact that Merriwood’s leadership and the people who make up Merriwood as a community are committed together to build the resilience and capacity of the community over time.


Additional improvements will be detailed in a 10-year maintenance and improvements plan. The plan will include maintenance (roads, infrastructure, and common buildings), and ongoing sustainability and survivability improvements including additional development of redundant renewable energy systems, and an expanded agricultural operation. The Homeowners Association Board of Directors will oversee the continued development of new amenities and assets that improve the livability of Merriwood today and in the future.


Each home in Merriwood will be connected to the regional public utility grid, but will also have a rooftop mounted photovoltaic solar array, backup battery storage, and be connected to the Merriwood community power system which can operate independently of the public power system. The community will have additional on-site renewable energy power systems that may include a large centralized solar array, geothermal heat pumps, wind power, and biofuel generators that serve the whole community.


Thoughtfulness and preparation are the most important tools for security and self-defense. Our carefully selected remote location, strong ties to be cultivated with the region and surrounding community, and physical features built into the design and landscape will all contribute to our safety in good times and bad. Homes and community assets will be equipped with robust security systems and central monitoring and each home will have a secured reinforced storage room for critical supplies. Provisions will have been made for enhanced security if the community needs to enter into “Offline Operations” mode (Defined as Merriwood moving into a mode of 100% self-reliance - power generation, sustenance, etc.)



In addition to our greatest resiliency asset - our farm - Merriwood will have significant supplies of food in storage to be prepared for any contingency.



Initially, Merriwood will have stores of equipment, supplies, and medicines, and basic laboratory capacity, in compliance with federal, state and local regulations, should the need arise. Based on the needs of the community members, we will add more on-site medical services for both emergency and non-emergency use.


A sawmill, various tools, rope, books, a repository of knowledge that doesn’t require the internet...whatever it is we might need to live comfortably in the future, we probably have it. If there is something specific you have in mind, let us know and if we don’t have it, we can probably get it and squirrel it away in a safe spot. Each home will have a reinforced strong room for safe storage of personal equipment and supplies.