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The Merriwood Story

Merriwood is a place beyond the edge of the paved world, where people can unwind with comfort and security. Merriwood is a planned lakefront community with a working farm, lodge, wellness center,  and other unique sustainability and resiliency assets.


Your Best Life

Merriwood is a community where you can enjoy life on a lake, be close to nature, and be cozy in a modern eco-home. It’s a place where you can experience farm-to-table food every day, live in a community with like-minded neighbors, and have peace of mind in a refuge when you need it most. Many residents will come mostly in the summer, but the community will be open and full-service year-round. Merriwood homes are an investment for the future that you can enjoy and rely on today.



Our sustainable community will live in balance with nature, while the residents enjoy the good things that life has to offer. The high-tech green building design of each home harnesses renewable energy and minimizes environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture, green community infrastructure, natural lands management, and supporting the surrounding community provides environmental and social benefits now and for generations to come.

Chicken Farm


Because Merriwood is a sustainable community, we plan today and for the future no matter what happens in uncertain times. With on-site renewable power, a professionally managed farm with livestock and crops providing fresh food, medical supplies, and other critical assets, residents can practice a sustainable lifestyle that is also an insurance policy for the future. Our unique combination of amenities and assets means that our community can be self-sufficient without sacrificing comfort and quality of life.



We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions about our unique community.

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